Release: LDMS for Windows 11.0

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is proud to announce the release of LDMS version 11.0.

LDMS training sessions are available to users by request. All laboratories using LDMS for Windows are encouraged to upgrade to ensure that you have the most up-to-date features and fixes.

Before upgrading to LDMS 11.0…

  • Make a backup of your database in LDMS by opening Backup Tracking and clicking Create Backup. Perform a complete backup of the entire FSTRF folder on your LDMS server (typically C:\FSTRF). This folder contains your laboratory’s LDMS database. If you require assistance performing a backup, please contact LDMS User Support.
  • Confirm that LDMS and all other programs are closed. Rebooting your computer before installation will ensure that all programs are closed. If you have multiple LDMS clients, all clients must be closed before upgrading.
  • Log in to your computer with full local administrator privileges. LDMS cannot be installed without appropriate permissions.

To get LDMS 11.0, log on the Frontier Science Portal, and then click on the Get LDMS Updates link, found under LDMS User Support. If you do not have a Portal account, you will need to register before you can download LDMS.

If you have any questions about LDMS 11.0 or how to upgrade, please contact LDMS User Support.