Release: HAWS 5.1

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of HAWS version 5.1. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

  • Tests that have already been placed on a run will now be automatically removed from the run when linking to existing test results. (R-26068)
  • All algorithms now include final result options of “HIV-1 and HIV-2 Not Detected”, “Infected, HIV-2”, and “Infected, HIV-1 and HIV-2”. Updated unblinded summary statements now include options for HIV-2 status. (R-27071)
  • Fixed rounding errors in PR4100 file importer. (R-27243)
  • When an issue occurs generating the Turn Around Time report during export, the other export files will now still be generated. (R-27368)