Release: LDMS for Windows 12.7

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of LDMS for Windows version 12.7. The focus of this release was improvements to the PK assay module. Here are a few highlights from these changes.

Specimen Management Module Update

  • HPTN PTID Correction Check: A check has been added which prevents PTID changes for existing (saved) HPTN records.

Storage and Shipping Update

  • Import Specimens Fix: The Import Specimens feature was corrected to accept the Web LDMS Global Specimen ID format.

Reports Improvements

Several additions and improvements to existing reports have been made based on user feedback and specific requests.

  • PK Summary Report Update: The standard PK report under the PK category has been updated. The format has been changed to better allow for capture and transfer of data when submitting to SCHARP. The information contained within remains the same.
  • WIHS Processing Log: The WIHS Processing Log Report has been updated to include Visit 46. A new other specimen ID value (126) has been added to the WIHS processing log report as well.
  • Global Specimen Cutoff Fix: Certain reports, including the Storage Move report, were cutting off the Global Specimen ID. This has been fixed to allow the full ID to appear properly.
  • New Participant Report in Pharmacology Assay: A new report has been created for the PK assay in LDMS

PK Assay Updates

In addition to the aforementioned new Participant Report, limits can now be specified per samples in the PK assay. Upper and lower limits can be set on a per-sample basis instead of at the design level.