Release: LDMS for Windows 12.8

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of LDMS for Windows version 12.8. The focus of this release was improvements to the Test Result Entry Module (TREM). Here are a few highlights from these changes.

TREM Updates

  • Test for Syphilis A new test type (Syphilis) has been added.
  • New ID3 Value A new ID3 value of DEC (Decliner’s) has been made available for the PHIA project.
  • QA Update A new QA Type selection has been added to TREM templates titled, First 50 + 20 NEG + ALL IND + ALL DEC.
  • Syphilis Columns When a user sets up a template using the Syphilis test, the grid will also include the column HBV/Syphilis Tester.
  • PHIA TREM Worksheet A new report has been added. The Decliners Worksheet is available if the template includes Geenius, Syphilis, and HBV tests.
  • New Geenius Setting A new Geenius setting for POS and IND with DEC has been created. It will impact the Syphilis and HBV tests as well if they are on the template.