Release: HAWS 5.3.0

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of HAWS version 5.3.0. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

  • An issue was fixed where an “unexpected cancellation” message would sometimes appear when closing an algorithm (R-15994)
  • Removed HQA from appearing as a selectable option. (R-28712)
  • Users can now set up custom default algorithms for various ID2/VID combinations. (R-28909)
  • AMP algorithm reports will now reference the ID2 for the appropriate visit in the header instead of only ‘AMP’. (R-28911)
  • Kit assignment will now allow the user to specify an ID2 value such that for the same algorithm type and test type, one study can use test A and a different study can use test B. Existing kit assignments will have an ID2 wildcard preset on upgrade. (R-29089)
  • An issue was fixed where an “Unspecified Error” message box was being displayed when generating the Pending Algorithms Report for the lab 431 HAWS database backup. (R-29319)
  • An issue was fixed where the export generator was incorrectly including linked tests that were marked “Do Not Export”. (R-29656)