Release: LDMS for Windows 12.9

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of LDMS for Windows version 12.9.

MTN Group Update

The clinic field in Specimen Management is now active for the MTN group. It is an optional field, and there is no restriction on what clinic can be set. Old records can have a clinic set retroactively.

Cross LIMS Shipping File Format Update

The Cross LIMS shipping file format has been updated. Between the CONDITION and COMMENT fields, three new fields have been added. They are:

  • OtherSpecID
  • Time
  • TimeUnit


A new, exportable group for Men Who Have Sex with Men & Substance Use Cohort at UCLA has been added titled mSTUDY.

Full Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue with the PK Participant report added in version 12.7 where user entered concentration values were being displayed when censor was (A) or (B). It now correctly display the result of >{Upper Limit*Dilution} when there is an (A) censor, or <{Lower Limit*Dilution} when there is a (B) censor. The censor code is still displayed (R-515)
  • Activated clinic field for MTN group (R-29725)
  • Updated the shipment.xsd and the LDX to allow CryoResult vialConcentration to be a double/float value (R-29889)
  • Updated Cross LIMS shipping format (R-29906)
  • Added new exportable group mSTUDY (R-29991)