Release: HAWS 6.0

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of HAWS version 6.0. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

New Features:

  • HAWS now has a link to detailed user manual (R-26995)
  • Print time added to the footer of the specimen locator and the run worksheet reports (R-31861)
  • New lab internal only, blinded and unblinded comment fields are now available on the WF summary page (R-31860)
  • Clinic UI screen has been updated and users can now modify LDMS clinic contact information (R-31939)
  • New flag added to capture VISP (R-31940)
  • REPEAT indicator in export file is now based on TSTDT & Approval date/time, sequentially (R-31941)
  • Now possible to filter what samples are shown when selecting for a particular visit on the sample selection screen (R-31942)
  • HAWS server installer now includes warning text reminding the user to backup HAWS databases before running the installer (R-31978)
  • New fields now included in the export file to show when a lab printed a final report for a WF: original print date as well as latest print date in event of any reprints (R-32026)
  • Geenius test updates: (R-32968) + Added two new result entry fields on the user interface(HIV-1 Interpretation & HIV-2 Interpretation) + The result options for these fields are Reactive and Non-Reactive + Removed logic in the export file(s) to no longer calculate the results for the above fields in using the band results. The export files now include the results as entered by the user into the above new fields + For all prior data entered in the database before the 6.0 upgrade, it is possible to populate the above new fields with the values that were previously being included in the export files + The values for these fields are Positive or Negative
  • HAWS unblinded participant reports no longer show band data for Geenius and now only show final interpretation (R-31256)
  • No longer possible to edit the unblinded summary text for final reports (R-31862)
  • HAWS no longer supports a test result of Equivocal (R-32152)
  • Updated various algorithm workflows to include new defined testing steps and proposed outcomes (R-33087)admin
  • Added “Alere HIV Combo” as a new kit; new code is 1402; renamed “Determine Assay” in the dropdown to “Alere Assay” to encompass both kits (R-33375)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where some error messages showed extraneous information (R-14992)
  • Fixed issue where de-approving a Retrospective workflow final result would cause the program to crash (R-31485)
  • Enabler updates are now correctly triggered on Algorithm Summary screen after canceling the algorithm for a workflow (R-33047)
  • Three additional VISP results have been added to the database script (R-33188)