Release: HAWS 6.1

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of HAWS version 6.1. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

New Features:

  • Equivocal now restored as selectable option for selected ECR kits (R-34421)
  • Retrospective algorithm now allows a selectable final result of “HIV-1 Not Detected” (R-34422)
  • Geenius interpretation fields can now be left blank throughout the program and within the export file (R-34423)
  • Added U and B mappings to VISP status (R-34424)
  • Modified the adjudication file (R-34425)
  • Users now warned before a duplicate workflow is added for the same patient/visit but different collection dates (R-34426)
  • Inactive users now sort to the bottom of the Tested By dropdown in Assay Results section (R-34835)
  • New option when creating a discretionary redraw to select whether the ECR/Geenius/RNA PCR tests should be automatically created (R-34934)

Bug Fixes:

  • Unblinded and/or Blinded Comments now show on report even if General Comment is null (R-34121)
  • Fixed issue with “include only specimens from the visit’s draw date” checkbox on Select Specimen screen (R-34155)
  • HAWS will now mark a workflow as completed, even if it crashes after printing the final report (R-34292)
  • Fixed issue in which the Tests per Algorithm report cut off longer kit names (R-34572)
  • Repeat numbers are now generated correctly in the export file (R-34834)
  • SRV algorithm now defaults to correct final result and unblinded summary text in Post-Study Testing Service (SRV) algorithm (R-34894)
  • Fixed an issue whereby HAWS will no longer use clinic description when syncing information with LDMS (R-34744)
  • The system now uses the LDMS record’s group to create the HAWS Patient object (R-35151)
  • General maintenance code cleanup and database optimizations (R-34291 and R-34685)