Release: LDMS for the web 9.1

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science Foundation is proud to announce the release of LDMS for the Web version 9.1. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

New Features:

  • Storage Level Preview now displays containers with up to 676 spaces (R-31545)
  • Simplified underlying database queries generated when a user sets filters (R-31993)
  • Now possible to create containers with more than 26 rows (R-34141)
  • Added ability to sort how labels are generated, e.g., sort by ID1, guspec, ID2, etc. (R-34959)
  • When using the Move Storage Items action in the action drop down menu in the storage module, the number of spaces available in the container is displayed to the user on the screen (R-35605)
  • Sending Lab ID added to shelf name on shipping import freezer when a shipment is imported directly into the storage module (R-35667)
  • New HPTN label format added that displays collection date even when the harvest date has been entered (R-35799)
  • Added clinic customization support for Quick Add Templates (R-35847)
  • Shipment Comments and Shipping Disclaimer added as selectable options in the custom report builder module (R-35862)
  • Items in containers marked to ship now display the correct visual icon in the storage module (R-35876)
  • Easier to select current date from calendar drop down (R-36037)
  • Redesign of the login page (R-36082)
  • Added ability in the labels module to select a specimen/harvest date when defining a new label format(s) (R-36098)
  • Added new menu option: Frontier Science Online Resources (R-36112)
  • Added support for defining letter coordinates for the row and column fields in the web CSV shipping file (R-36247)
  • New 2D and 1D barcode options available when creating custom label formats in the labels module (R-36304)
  • Added new Standard Report category: Barcode Reports. Includes the following reports: (R-36306) + 1D Barcodes Report + 2D Barcodes Report
  • Additional ID1 (PID is required to be 9 numeric digits), ID2 (ACTIV2 is a hardcoded as the study) and other specimen ID (warning generated if other spec ID is blank) validation checks added for ACTIV project and ACTIV2 study (R-36329)
  • Added support for the IDCRC (Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Consortium) project and study 001 (R-36641)

Bug Fixes:

  • Users can access the Quick Add Template module even without permissions into the admin module (R-23796)
  • Edited on-screen language when deleting a specimen or aliquot that is on a batched shipment to be more clear (R-30009)
  • Popup windows now display action button without needing to scroll down (R-33326)
  • Edit Primary now checks that the owner enrollment is valid before saving (R-34876)
  • Web CSV shipping file format displays total cell count with 2 digits after decimal point (R-35837)
  • Web CSV shipping file format displays 2 digits after the decimal point for sample volume (R-35878)
  • Minimum length check no longer forces a field to be required when defining validation checks for internally defined projects and studies (R-35960)
  • Web CSV and XLIMS shipping file formats are no longer case-sensitive when matching field headers during shipping import (R-35962)
  • Users can no longer complete the training acknowledgement form before they have been assigned an active lab (R-36005)
  • Duplicate samples on an Abbott test run will allow auto matching when results are imported (R-36008)
  • Fixed issue in which Specimen Log Report displayed incorrect aliquot count in Total Aliquot Count section (R-36065)
  • Fixed issue in which the ID2 field in the Quick Add module did not load correctly from the template (R-36075)
  • Transactions and records created or modified by a patch now stamped with the PatchRunnerAccountId (R-36100)
  • Fixed issue where drop down menus did not work as expected (R-36155)
  • Changing the activity of a project in dropdown customization no longer requires full permission to project administration (R-36172)
  • Scanning a barcoded with a level selected in the storage module should do a search, not attempt to store the specimen (R-36179)
  • Fixed issue in Storage module in which clicking X to remove 1 filter removed all filters (R-36351)
  • Fixed issue in which users could not add or view storage containers on shipments (R-36355)
  • Fixed issue in which old shipments could not be unshipped (R-36359)
  • Challenge code now required when changing HPTN or VTN ID1/PID at Visit level in specimen management(R-36533 and R-36534)

Frontier Science Account Manager Utility

  • Added ability to reset training acknowledgement for all users at a particular lab at once (R-35587)
  • Fixed issue in which user account grid did not filter correctly (R-35883)