Release: LDMS for Windows 13.6.0

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of LDMS for Windows version 13.6.0. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

New Features:


  • Numerous updates to the Abbott SARS-COV-2 Quant Export Report (R-36699)
  • Abbott SARS-COV-2 Export report now uses the short visit unit description (R-36856)
  • Users are now able to import a list of Other Specimen IDs that will be used as search criteria in the Search tab in Storage (R-36865)
  • Users can now use the Import Specimens feature in the Setup Shipments tab of the Shipping module to import a list of Other Specimens Ids to add to a specimen shipping batch (R-36866)
  • NICHD-WESTAT project flagged as non-exportable (R-36990)
  • Data Retrieval module updated to allow full comments on a data report to be exported when the users selects the comments field to be displayed (R-37111)
  • Added Abbott SARS-COV-2 Quant Export Report with Comments to Reports module (R-37112)
  • Length of Other Spec ID has been expanded from 15 to 17 characters (R-37363)
  • ID3/SID field now optional for ACTG/IMPAACT project (R-37530)


No changes for this release were classified as high risk.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where an LDMS shipping file cannot be created when the comments field is null and the disclaimer field is not null (R-28178)
  • Fixed issue where csv shipping files could not be imported if there was a space character in the Other Specimen ID field within the csv file (R-36088)
  • Fixed issue where “Imported Specimen Report - Summary” report would generate a blank report for batches imported from 999xxx labs (R-36792)
  • Fixed discrepant ID2/Study values for ACTIV group to ensure all values = ACTIV2 (R-37121)
  • Fixed issue where PK Summary report did not always display all censor codes (R-37485)