Release: LDMS for the web 10.0

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of LDMS for the Web version 10.0. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

New Features:


  • New Administration setting will be available: “require comment on specimen record changes”. If activated, the user must enter or modify the comment in order to be able to save the Edit Primary and Edit Aliquot popups. (R-24616/R-24617)
  • Users can now add samples for multiple PIDs in Quick Add simultaneously. The user can define a list of participant IDs and then define a sample collection kit to be applied to all participants at once. (R-36922)
  • During shipping import users will be notified if the file contains a new project that does not exist in their database. If the new project is not expected the import can be cancelled. (R-37392)
  • XLIMS shipping import now sets the clinic value for VTN records based on the PID. This allows Web LDMS labs to receive XLIMS shipments of VTN samples if needed. (R-35823)
  • Users can QA/QC shipments by scanning non-LDMS generated barcodes. The value in the scanned barcode must match to the value set in Other Specimen ID for QA to pass. (R-36757)
  • Added support for Abbott COVID SARS-2 assay (R-36756)
  • PK assays, including the control chart option, are now supported in Web LDMS (R-36859, R-38259, R-38260)
  • Storage Log transactions now shown on the transaction log report (R-36934)
  • TaqMan Qual assay transactions now shown on the transaction log report (R-36948)
  • Transaction log report will show global IDs associated with transactions even after samples have been deleted (R-36629)
  • Added a feature that allows users to change records from an internally logged project to a hardcoded project. This feature is challenge code protected. (R-38166)
  • ID1/PATID validation check added for the CoVPN project. This check has been initially added for 3008 only. (R-38754)
  • Added option to allow Frontier Science to deactivate standard ACTG/IMPAACT PID check for studies identified by Network Leadership (R-38584)


  • Added Date and User info to the storage Action Report (R-29771)
  • Other Specimen ID field now holds 17 characters and can fit the full Web LDMS v3 Global Specimen ID (R-31914)
  • User can now set ‘import directly into storage’ as the default in System Settings (R-34507)
  • Samples marked as SNC will no longer be displayed in Time to Process and Time to Freeze QA reports (R-34878)
  • Shipment carrier and tracking number will be present on the manifest report (R-34956)
  • New Storage Action Report option: only show actions since previous action report was generated. This option allows the storage action report to be narrowed to only show ‘new’ items that must be acted on. (R-35182)
  • LDMS now plays a different sound when scanning in QA/QC, depending on if the sample was passes or fails (R-35703)
  • Users can now use asterisks as a wildcard character for the Like and Not Like qualifiers in the Custom Report Builder. (R-35834)
  • Double/Decimal numbers are now either truncated or rounded during shipping import. This specifically applies to import of non-LDMS shipping files where items like volume may be set with more precision than what LDMS supports. (R-35978)
  • The Shipping Storage report has been updated to group and sort specimens by storage location to make them easier to physically locate within a freezer. (R-36478)
  • 1D and 2D Barcode reports are now accessible from storage, shipping, and test results modules. This allows the user to generate a list of barcodes for all items in a container or on a test run for easy scanning. (R-36586)
  • Clinic ID added to Search Criteria for Storage Detail Report (R-36625)
  • Specimen Log report can now be generated with Test Ordered criteria (R-36691)
  • Dual 1D/2D barcode labels are now available. Labels can now have both the standard 2D LDMS barcode (with global ID) to be able to scan into LDMS, etc., as well as a 1D PID with the PID embedded to be scanned into other devices (R-36794)
  • Other Specimen ID now supported for selecting specimens from an uploaded file (R-36870)
  • Improved loading times for large shipping boxes (R-36876)
  • Users with view only access in custom reports can now generate reports using existing queries (R-36933)
  • Added new 1D barcode for HPTN (R-36988)
  • NICHD-WESTAT project flagged as non-exportable (R-36989)
  • Added multiple new label options that display two barcodes (1D and 2D) on the label (R-37319)
  • Labels are generated more quickly (R-37325)
  • ID3 field now optional for the ACTG/IMPAACT project and when data is entered no validation checks are run (R-37537)
  • Added ID1, collection time, and received time as filter criteria for both lab 263 reports under the specimen category (R-37609)
  • Added new double barcode label option (R-38502)
  • Added new project: CP-CTNET (R-38533)
  • New laser label size added (R-38759)
  • Collected Outside Protocol Requirements checkbox now an available option for CoVPN project specimens (R-38824)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed web accessibility issues (R-27195)
  • Fix the text overlapping issue on the barcode error page (R-29789)
  • Changing ship date on batch with QA/QC in progress will no longer reset QA/QC progress (R-35622)
  • Fixed issue where, if a user tries to save an invalid quick add template, the template would not be able to be corrected and the user would have to start over entirely (R-36281)
  • Fixed issue where clicking the Update button for an existing enrollment on the Manage Enrollment screen would clear the Project field (R-36535)
  • Fixed Javascript error in Quick Add (R-36542)
  • When multiple users are logged in and one user tries to edit a record deleted by another user, the user is now informed that the record has been deleted and the page is refreshed (R-36596)
  • Fixed filter and custom report to accommodate future dates (R-36623)
  • Clarified the language of the error that appears when importing a shipment with samples with null original/available volume (R-36643)
  • Removed extra asterisk in Project dropdown in Jump To Participant window (R-36675)
  • Import Label Default Setup Data patch updated to ignore label defaults for groups that no longer exist (R-36712)
  • Update to increase barcode size on labels has been reverted (R-36725)
  • Fixed issue where Custom Report Builder did not sort correctly by position (R-37113)
  • Fixed issue where Web LDMS would not ship ID2/ID3 in XML if field name in Groups table was blank (R-37129)
  • Fixed issue where Delete Results button in Cryopreservation window in Specimen Management was not clickable (R-37150)
  • Fixed issue where the processing date would not be filled in correctly after a validation error on the multi-sample editor (R-37421)
  • Fixed issue where generating RMSPCellYield report would result in an error (R-37468)
  • Updated the LDMS shipping xml file to support longer string lengths on various fields (ID1, ID2, etc.) (R-20358)
  • Fixed validation of enrollment(s) when changing the project for a record (R-37594)
  • Fixed issue where a lab would receive unhelpful error messages (R-37667)
  • Fixed issue where WebLDMS assay report did not list in the System Run Censor Field whether the run was either Valid or Invalid (R-37724)
  • Fixed issue where some Other Specimen ID fields had no max length (R-37842)
  • Fixed issue where QuickAdd would generate an error for missing values on hidden aliquots (R-37981)
  • Fixed issue where user actions did not extend the timeout clock in certain scenarios (R-38636)
  • Fixed issue where alphanumeric check was not working as intended for internally defined projects (R-38682)
  • Fixed issue where dropdown menu items did not work at lower resolutions in various browsers (R-38853)
  • Fixed issue where Completed and Reviewed run reports from Test Results module would not show the Kit Lot Number and Min-Max Range values for custom added controls (R-39075)

Frontier Science Account Manager Utility

  • Running Patches page shows how many labs have been patched and how many remain (R-36710)
  • New feature: ability to configure whether future dates can be allowed by project and study (D2 entry) (R-37798)