Release: LDMS for the web 10.1

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of LDMS for the Web version 10.1. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

New Features:


  • The Action Menu in Storage now includes a Move Storage Specimens - Filter Search option that will give the user a popup which includes the standard Sample Picker and filters in order to narrow the storage tree and more easily find the items the user wishes to move (R-39202)
  • Cryopreservation now a test option in the Test Results module (IQA central laboratory use only) (R-39321)
  • RPID feature now available when importing shipments at the RPID lab (R-39322)
  • Anonymization feature now available (R-39403)
  • Aliquot changes can now be cascaded to aliquots sharing the same derivative type (R-39670)
  • New check added to verify manually entered input volumes for Abbott assays against the input volume value in the import result file(s) (R-40220)
  • PK test will no longer multiply or change final result based on the dilution (R-40520)


  • If expected global ID does not match scanned barcode when performing shipping QA/QC, the sample is failed and the user will be informed where the sample should belong if the sample is expected elsewhere on the shipment. (R-27909)
  • Web LDMS cookies now meet OWASP standards (R-33300)
  • New custom PK Assay Report (R-35904)
  • Updated clarity of language of TaqMan HCV run tooltip (R-39261)
  • ‘Include unavailable primary samples’ option in the Print Labels window created after Quick Add is now unchecked by default when the lab setting ‘Include unavailable primary samples by default when printing labels’ is also disabled (R-39362)
  • Original Storage Location now shown on the Shipment Storage Report for container samples (R-39389)
  • Challenge code removed from the Set Condition Code feature (R-39440)
  • New standard report category: RPID (R-39543)
  • Processing Tech initials are now required to be uppercase (R-39669)
  • mSTUDY project no longer exportable (R-39812)
  • Form added to allow user to clear their filters (R-39933)
  • Added new PK user censor: N (R-40418)
  • Added report to Exportable Reports category: Aliquot Inventory Report (R-40430)
  • Added reports to Exportable Reports category: (R-40516) + Abbott SARS COV-2 Quant Export Report + Abbott SARS COV-2 Quant Export Report with Comments + Abbott SARS COV-2 Quant Export Report with Sample Location
  • Underscores added as valid characters (R-40678)
  • In Specimen Management, the Cascade Edits option is now only provided from the Edit Aliquot popup (R-40763)

Bug Fixes:

  • The unique index UC_ReagentLotNumbers now includes columns RecordOwnerLabId, Type, and LotNumber (R-37960)
  • Fixed error that could appear if a user tried to view a pending shipping container with a large number of samples (R-38069)
  • Fixed issue where QA/QC record for a sample remained after the sample was removed from storage (R-38106)
  • Fixed IDCRC ID1 check to accommodate dashes properly (R-38294)
  • Fixed issue where users with only view permission to Shipping could not generate the Manifest report in Pending Shipments module (R-39205)
  • Fixed issue where a column title on the Detailed Imported Specimen Report did not display correctly (R-39206)
  • When a password is changed it is now logged as a previous password, and temporary password are ignored for the ‘password must not be one of the previous 4’ check (R-39248)
  • Shipment Storage report now correctly sorts in the ‘no sort’ order (R-39391)
  • Shipping Manifest and the Shipment Storage Locations report now have the correct specimen ordering when a shipment uses Storage Locations as the primary sort order (R-39434)
  • When the default feature is activated, Processing Tech Initials now default to the current user even if the primary has different tech initials already set (R-39668)
  • Fixed issue with PK participant report where the report would sometimes fail to generate (R-39854)
  • Timeout errors now display correctly (R-39932)
  • Project Administration now trims the project name field (R-40183)
  • Fixed issue where saving a pending shipment could not invalidate QA/QC if QA/QC indexes were out of range (R-40545)
  • Fixed issue where resizing storage boxes on shipments didn’t properly update QA/QC (R-40549)
  • Fixed issue where some reports incorrectly matched on TestRunId instead of RunNumber (R-40576)
  • Fixed issue where Generate Report button would still be busy, even after generating the report (R-40639)
  • Fixed issue where non-Cryo runs with unmatched file results could not be saved (R-40654)
  • Fixed issue where storage move dialog in Storage module did not load correctly (R-40656)
  • Fixed issue where specimens and controls added to a test run were not properly associated with the test run if the user didn’t save before adding the specimens/controls (R-40660)
  • Fixed issue in the Receive Shipments module where the warning regarding importing a new project didn’t display as expected (R-40753)
  • Fixed issue where warning that aliquot volume is greater than primary volume did not appear (R-40773)

Frontier Science Account Manager Utility

  • Added check to ensure that two accounts at the same lab cannot have the same initials (R-38195)
  • Added setting to give ability to control which user accounts can access the API functionality (R-40538)