Release: HAWS 7.0

Howard Gutzman

Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of HAWS version 7.0. Below is a full list of changes for this release.

Full Release Notes

New Features:

  • HAWS is now able to sync with web LDMS data(R-38989)
  • Added new HAWS algorithm: Open Discretionary Algorithm (R-40150)
  • Added new HAWS algorithm: Evaluation of Sero-Reactivity Recent Exposure (EOX) (R-42001)
  • Added new Alere Assay kit: Determine HIV Early Detect (Non-CE) (R-39469)
  • Added new DNA PCR Assay kit: Frozen Whole Blood DNA ddPCR assay (R-39470)
  • Added new EIA kit: Toyo Anti-HIV ½ (R-42654)
  • Added new HIV RNA PCR kits: + Roche Cobas 5800/6800/8800 System HIV-1 (R-42590) + Abbott Alinity m HIV-1 RT-PCR (R-42653) + UW Developed HIV-2 RNA PCR (R-40149)
  • Minimal POS algorithm will now trigger a Geenius test if either of the 2 ‘community tests’ (EIA 2 or 3) are reactive (R-39708)
  • Added result option “Inconclusive” to Geenius test (R-42652)
  • Manual create patient/visit/clinic/sample buttons have been removed. Labs should now only be using data from their LDMS databases. (R-42412)
  • Added new unblinded summary statement: No evidence of infection with HIV-1/2 and no evidence of vaccine-induced seropositivity/reactivity (VISP/R) (R-42589)
  • When using Tools>Refresh from LDMS, the feature will now update both the underlying HAWS data and also refresh the current screen in HAWS to reflect any possible changes (R-15919)
  • Geenius file importer is now more flexible in parsing filler text (R-39433)
  • Adjudication export code has been updated to support the changes in the latest adjudication file format specification (R-40515)
  • Changed “HIV-1” to “HIV” in the titles of the HIV-1 Infection Status Report, Redraw Request, and Viral Load reports (R-40560)
  • Updated DNA PCR result options: (R-42740) + “Positive” has been changed to “Detected” + “Negative” has been changed to “Not Detected”

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed query error that could return invalid USPECID values (R-39326)
  • Fixed issue where HAWS would query LDMS for clinic information, even if the clinic already existed in HAWS (R-41042)
  • Fixed issue where HAWS would crash when displaying summary window with final result Infected for some algorithms (R-41202)
  • Fixed issue where the Turn Around Time Summary report was not correctly displaying the redraw summary information for all applicable algorithm types (R-42026)