About Trainings

Frontier Science offers several types of training to adjust to your laboratory needs.

LDMS for Windows Workshop

Frontier Science offers LDMS training several times each year at its data management center in Amherst, NY. This training is open to new and current users of LDMS and covers most of the features available in LDMS for Windows.

This is a hands-on training. Users will be given access to a computer with LDMS, and trainers will walk participants through using different features. Topics that will be covered by the training include…

  • Specimen Entry: Learn how to enter specimen information, search the database for specimen records and order tests on aliquots.
  • Storage Management: Learn how to create freezers, levels, and containers, and how to add, move, and search for specimens in storage.
  • Shipping: Learn how to search for specimens to ship, create reports, and receive shipments from other laboratories.
  • Reports/Data Retrieval: Learn how to create and export reports. Also, learn how to use the Data Retrieval tool to create custom reports.
  • Administration/Labels: Learn how to configure individual user accounts, internal groups, printers, labels and system configurations. Also, learn how to create labels for aliquots entered into your database.
  • Assays: Learn how to set up and input immunology assay results.
  • Queries and Query Resolution: Learn about resolving queries that you may receive about LDMS data.
  • (Optional) More Assays: Setting up and resulting DNA, RNA, and pharmacology assays

The training takes place over 2 days from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. each day. The afternoon of the second day covers detailed assay usage, and is optional.

On-site or Web-Based Training

Can’t make the trip to Frontier Science’s office in Amherst, NY? Not a problem! There are other ways that your laboratory can receive training.

  • Web trainings: Allows your laboratory to work with a trainer live through a web conference. This is a quick way to receive training for a specific topic, or to get new staff quickly up-to-speed
  • On-site training: You can arrange for a trainer to travel to your laboratory. This can be more economical if several people at your laboratory need full, multi-day training
  • Regional training: If several laboratories in an area need training, a regional training can be set up. A laboratory in the area would need to be able to host the training.

If your laboratory is interested in getting web or on-site training, contact Frontier Science for more information.