Activity Log

LDMS keeps an activity log while the user is working. This log is displayed for the current session only, and once LDMS is closed, it is no longer accessible to users. This information is always displayed at the bottom of LDMS, organized by the type of activity.

Shows all activities

Show only error messages (sometimes referred to as "hard warnings")

Show only warning messages (sometimes referred to as "soft warnings")

Show only informational messages

It is possible to extract and save this information from the current session.

  1. Select the type of logs you want to save by clicking the appropriate tab to the left. I you want all logs, select the tab.

  2. Right-click anywhere in the log window, then select Export As > [Format], where [Format] is the file format to save the logs as.

  3. Follow the prompts on your screen to save the file to your computer.

The Export As menu is actually available in many places throughout LDMS. Because the feature is not context-sensitive (that is, it attempts to pull raw data from LDMS and automatically format it), the output may not always be optimal. In general, you should utilize the built-in reports and feature-specific reports that are available throughout LDMS instead.