System Configuration

This is a description of the options found in Administration > System Configuration.

Configuration tab

Module Login

(Default = not enabled) If selected, users will need to re-enter their username and password to access almost every feature in LDMS. This security feature is useful if you want to prevent users from using LDMS while another person is logged in.

Idle Time Out

(Default = enabled) If selected, LDMS will automatically lock after the specified amount of time of inactivity. LDMS will ask for a user name and password (it need not be the same as the user last using LDMS when it locked) before it will open again.

Auditor Mode

This option is not available to users.

Date Format

This option is not available to users. LDMS uses the date format dd/Mon/yyyy (e.g. 09/Apr/2013).

Date Separator

This option is not available for use.

Barcode Reader

Set the barcode reader used by LDMS. For most hardware, the Code Reader option will work.

Process Tech Initials default to current user

(Default = enabled) The initials for the current user will be entered automatically in fields for the tech's initials throughout LDMS.

Internet tab

These settings should not be modified by users.

Storage tab

Permanent Delete Default Setting
(Default = enabled) If enabled, specimens will be assigned the never store property when being removed from storage.
Set Frozen Date/Time to Current Date/Time
(Default = not enabled) If enabled, the frozen date and time of specimens will be set to the current date and time when the specimens are stored.


Associate an assay in LDMS with assay reader hardware.


Allow automatic storage of imported samples
(Default = not enabled) If enabled, LDMS will add the storage items in received shipments to a specimen import freezer in storage. The Import configuration option overrides can be set to change settings of storage items that are added in this way.