GeneXpert Assay

LDMS currently only supports the Xpert MTB/RIF assay. This assay is used to identify mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) resistance to rifampicin (RIF).

Reading a GeneXpert assay result file:

  1. Create a new GeneXpert MTB-RIF assay run and add assigned specimens to it. For instructions, see .

    The Preview tab will open.

    GeneXpert preview screen

  2. Add or modify the Other Spec[imen] ID for specimens in the right pane. This can be used to help LDMS automatically match specimens in the result file(s) to specimens in LDMS.

  3. Click the button.

    LDMS will prompt you if you want to run the assay. Select Yes. A window will open to select the result file.

  4. Select the GeneXpert result file, and then click the Open button.

    After selecting the result file, LDMS will prompt you if you want to load another file. You can use multiple result files for the same assay run.

    Once all result files have been selected, LDMS will attempt to match results to specimens. Results that it was unable to match will be displayed in the left pane.

  5. Drag and drop unmatched results from the left pane to the specimens in the right pane.

  6. Review the specimens that were automatically matched by LDMS and ensure that they were matched correctly.

    If you find any errors, you can drag and drop the result to a different specimen to correct it.

  7. Enter the initials of the assay technician into the Tech Initials box and your initials into the Data Transfer Tech Initials box.

  8. After all results have been matched to a specimen, click the button.

    The results screen will open.

  9. Review the assay results.

    GeneXpert results screen

    By selecting a result on the left, details will be displayed on the right. Some of the items can be expanded to show more information.

  10. To apply a user censor code to a result, right click on the specimen in the left pane and select Censor Specimen.

  11. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

There are two reports that can be generated from the results screen for the GeneXpert MTB-RIF assay:

GeneXpert MTB-RIF Report

This report is generated by clicking the from the LDMS toolbar. This report provides an overview of the assay run and the specimens that were tested.

Patient Report

This report is generated by clicking the Patient Report button at the bottom of the results screen. This report provides detailed information about one or more specimens on the assay run. You can select which specimens will appear on the report.