Reviewing and accepting PK assay results

For projects that use Frontier Science for data management, you must review and accept assay results before they can be exported.

About this task

Reviewing and accepting the results means that you are attesting that the data is accurate and should be considered final. For some projects, this also means that the data will become available to Frontier Science and possibly other external entities such as group leadership.


  1. From the LDMS menu bar, click Tasks > Assays.
  2. In the Assays box in the upper-left corner, select the assay or template with the results to be reviewed.
  3. In the Assay Selection Criteria section, select Review/Edit.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Search.
  5. In the Previous Runs Found list, select the run to be reviewed.
  6. Click Select Assay.
    You will be taken to the Results tab.
  7. Review the assay results.
    Apply censors or make changes to the results as needed.
  8. Complete the Reviewed Date, Reviewed By, and (optionally) Comment boxes.
  9. Click Database > Save.

What to do next

To ensure that the results can be accessed by Frontier Science, perform an export.