Assay Selection tab

The Assay Selection tab is where you select the assay to run and specimens to test. From this screen you can create new assay runs, customize template-based assays, and review previously stored assay results.

Figure: Assay Selection tab. (1) Available assays and templates, (2) Action to perform, (3) Use currently selected assay and action, (4) Existing assay runs, (5) Filter specimens below, (6) Find specimens assigned current assay and/or apply filters, (7) Selected specimens, (8) Add selected specimens to run and open assay-specific setup screen

Assay Selection tab

The typical workflow for navigating this screen is as follows:

  1. Select the assay or template from the Assays list.
  2. Select what you want to do from the Assay Select Criteria.
  3. Click Select Assay.
  4. Select specimens to test or continue working on the assay run.

There are various tasks that you can perform on assays listed in the Assay Selection Criteria section. These will vary based on the assay selected.

Review previously run assays
(For cultures only) Terminate cultures or undo termination
(For template-based assays) Create a new template
New Run/Not Setup
Create a new assay run
Runs Not Performed/Not Terminated
Open an assay run that has been started and saved but not yet completed