Out of Sequence Errors

An out of sequence error occurs if a well's absorbance values do not decrease as the dilution factor increases across your plate. For Roche Virology assays, this is designated by the system-assigned specimen censor codes L(HIV) for specimens and L(QS) for controls, depending on the type of well.

Manually correcting an out of sequence error:

  1. Open the completed run in LDMS Assays .

  2. Click the button.

  3. Select the Reselect Well option and click the OK button.

  4. In the Change Selected Well window, select the specimen(s) that must be updated and make your corrections.

  5. Select the reason for your change from the Reason well is being reselected drop-down list.

The kit copies per mL will automatically be recalculated, and the censor code C (corrected) will be applied to the specimen that was modified. The C censor code will be used to document the change.