Creating a new assay run

Before specimen test results can be stored in LDMS, you must create a new assay run. Assay runs are created the same way, regardless of the assay or template being used.


  1. On the Tasks menu, click Assays.
  2. In the Assays box in the upper-left corner, select the assay or template to be set up.
  3. In the Assay Selection Criteria section, select New Run/Not Setup.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Select Assay.
  5. Find aliquots to be tested.

    These are two ways to do this:

    • To find specimens assigned the selected assay, click Find Specimens. Use the Specimen Search Criteria and Specimen Received Date options to limit the number of specimens shown.
    • To find a specific specimen, scan its barcode label.
  6. Click to select each aliquot to be added to the new assay run.
  7. At the bottom of the screen, click Add to Run.


The new assay run will be created and you will automatically be taken to the assay or template specific setup screen.

What to do next

The newly created assay run will not be saved automatically. Save it by clicking the Save button from the toolbar.