Setting up the Brady® MVP 300 printer

These instructions will help ensure that your printer is set up to work correctly with LDMS.


  1. Open the printer settings from the Windows Start menu.
    These are typically found in Start > Devices and Printers.
  2. Right click the icon for your printer, and click Printing preferences.
  3. Set the stock size.
    1. Expand the Paper/Output settings
    2. In the Paper Size box, select User Defined.
    3. Click Customize.
    4. In the Width and Height boxes, entered the dimensions of your label stock.
    5. In the Unit of Measure box, select Inches.
    6. Click OK.
  4. In the Devices and Printers window, right click the printer icon, and click Properties.
  5. On the Printer tab, change the following settings:
    1. In the Device Options > Head Settings > Print Darkness section, change the Print Darkness setting to 22.
    2. In the Speed Settings, enter the following settings:
      Print speed
      2.00 in/sec
      Slew speed
      2.00 in/sec
      Back feed speed
      2.00 in/sec
  6. On the Ports tab, click Configure Port and enter the following settings:
    Bits per second
    Data bits
    Stop bits
    Flow control
  7. In LDMS, set the printer as your label printer.
  8. Configure the printer hardware.
    1. Open the printer and remove the protective plate that is covering the ribbon sensor.
    2. Slide the transmissive sensor protector to the outside of the adjustable transmissive sensor.
    3. Place the ribbon on the ribbon supply spindle.
      Note: The shiny side of the ribbon must be facing up.
    4. Feed the ribbon through the ribbon sensor and around the print head assembly.
    5. Wrap the ribbon around the ribbon take-up spindle until it is tight.
      Tip: Attach a piece of tape to the end of the ribbon to help keep it tight during the loading process.
    6. Place the labels on the media supply spindle.
      The printable side of the label must be face-up.
    7. Place the labels through the media guide and align the notch between labels with the tear-off plate of the printer.
    8. Adjust the ribbon sensor so that the notch of the label will cross the ribbon sensor.
      The ribbon sensor is the red light under the label.
    9. Close the print head and ensure that the ribbon is aligned with the left side of the label.
      This adjustment may require you to slide the ribbon across the print head assembly.
    10. Close the printer.
  9. On the control pad on front of the printer, do the following:
    1. Press the Setup/Exit button.
    2. Press the + button until the printer displays Manual Calibrate.
    3. Press the Select button.
    4. Press the + button.
      The printer will re-calibrate its label settings.
    5. Press the Setup/Exit button, and then press the + button to save the changes.