Setting up the Zebra® GX 430t printer

These instructions will help ensure that your printer is set up to work correctly with LDMS.

Before you begin

  • Install the driver for your printer. For assistance obtaining and installing the driver, contact your laboratory’s local IT department or the manufacturer’s customer support.
  • Load the printer with label stock and ribbon according to the printer’s manual.


  1. Open the printer settings from the Windows Start menu.
    These are typically found in Start > Devices and Printers.
  2. Right click the icon for your printer, and click Printing preferences.
  3. On the Options tab, change the Speed to 2.
  4. Change the Print Darkness to about 27.
    This setting should be adjusted up or down, depending on whether labels are too light or too dark.
  5. In Paper format, select inches.
  6. In Paper Size, set the Width to 4.00 and the Height to 1.75.
  7. On the Advanced Setup tab, click Calibrate.
  8. On the Advanced Setup tab, verify that the Tracking Mode is set to Web Sensing.
  9. In LDMS, set the printer as your label printer.

What to do next

After the printer is set up, you should print a set of test labels to ensure that it is working correctly.