Preset groups

Preset groups are groups that are built into LDMS that have special rules and requirements.

Preset groups and their requirements cannot be modified or removed by users. These groups and designed based on the needs of a specific group working with Frontier Science. An example of a preset group is ACTG/IMPAACT. Specimens created until this group have specific requirements, which are defined by ACTG and IMPAACT. These requirements are implemented in LDMS to accommodate the needs of the group.

The rules for preset groups fall into two categories:

  • Validation rules that can be enforced by LDMS, such as requiring that ID1 be formatted a certain way
  • Requirements that cannot be enforced by LDMS, such as requiring specimens to be entered within a certain period of time after they are received by your laboratory.
Important: The information for individual groups provided here are for convenience only. Always refer to guidance provided by the group for the most up-to-date instructions.