The ATN preset group has these requirements.

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PID) Required A 6-digit number between 10001 and 999999. If the PID is less than 6 digits, leading zeros will automatically be added. LDMS will check that the PID is valid.
ID2 (Protocol) Required Must be a 3 digit number between 004 and 999
ID3 (SID) Required An 8-digit number between 40001 and 999999999. If the SID is less than 8-digits, leading zeros will automatically be added. 7-digit SIDs can still be imported by LDMS. If the same PID-protocol combination has been entered, LDMS will automatically default to the previously used SID. NOSID is a valid entry for ATN.
Visit Required Select from pre-defined list of visit units.
OPID Available --
Clinic Optional --
Specimen Time Required --
Received Time Optional --


Quick Add templates can be used for ATN.