The CPQA preset group has these requirements.

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PanelID) Required Must be five characters in length in the format [Round_#][Panel_alpha_ID][2_numbers], such as 22A00
ID2 (RoundNo) Required This is the same as the first 2 digits of the PanelID. This field will automatically be populated by LDMS.
ID3 (ExpDate) Optional --
Visit Optional Select from pre-defined list of visit units.
OPID Optional --
Clinic Optional --
Specimen Time Optional --
Received Time Optional --


  • CPQA use the LDMS shipping file format
  • There are CPQA barcode options available in LDMS.
  • Quick Add templates can be used for CPQA, however users are not expected to use this feature.
  • The Pharmacology Proficiency Results report can be generated from LDMS for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). This is sometimes referred to as the “CLIA Report”.