The PHACS preset group has these requirements

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PID) Required 8 characters long, 7 numbers with a letter at the end
ID2 (Protocol) Required Select from a pre-populated list; all protocols are in the format PHXXX (e.g. PH200).
ID3 N/A Not used by PHACS
Visit Required Select from pre-defined list of visit units.
OPID Optional --
Clinic Required Will automatically populate using the previous clinic for the group, PID, and protocol combination entered; PHACS clinics range between 1 and 24. LDMS will check that a valid clinic was selected.
Specimen Time Optional This field is optional, but recommended
Received Time Optional This field is optional, but recommended


  • PHACS uses the standard LDMS shipping file format.
  • There are two label options for PHACS specimens, one with a barcode and one without.
  • Quick Add templates can be applied for PHACS, but users are not permitted to create their own templates. All PHACS templates are created by Frontier Science in collaboration with PHACS leadership.