Creating a New Shipment

Shipments are organized into batches. A batch is simply one shipment, either sent or received. Each batch has a batch number, which uniquely identifies the shipment in your local LDMS database.


A batch number is not consistent between different LDMS laboratories. Each batch is assigned a sequential number, with the first batch starting at 1. When a shipment is imported at a receiving laboratory, it is assigned the next available batch number at that laboratory. As a result, the same shipment may have a different batch number at the sending and receiving laboratories.

Overview of creating a new batch

  1. On the View Shipment tab, select the bottom, blank row from the batch listing. This row is designated for new shipments.

  2. Change to the Setup Shipment tab. You will be prompted whether you want to ship Specimens (i.e. aliquots) or ship Storage Items, meaning boxes or other storage containers that contain multiple specimens.

  3. Add items to your shipment.

    • If shipping a container, select the containers that you want to ship and click the Add to batch button.

    • If selecting individual aliquots to add to the shipment, search for them and select them.

  4. Change to the Shipment Destination tab. Select the person or laboratory to whom the shipment will be sent.

  5. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar. This step creates the new (currently unsent) shipment.

The new batch can be found on the View Shipment tab. This batch will be the last batch on the list. It will have the status of batched, which means it has been prepared but not yet shipped.