Procedural conditions

These specimen condition codes describe issues that can occur in the collection and processing environment.

Table 1. Procedural conditions
Code Description Usage
ANP Aliquot Not Prepared Indicate that an expected aliquot was not processed, but no other more specific condition code applies. The reason specimen not collected box should be used in conjunction with ANP.
EQF Equipment Failure There was an issue with the processing equipment, such as a power failure during processing.
INV Invalid The specimen is not valid for testing purposes. Generally another condition code, such as LBE or PST, would be more appropriate.
LBE Laboratory Error The laboratory made a general error during processing, such as setting equipment up incorrectly or mislabeling specimens.
OPR Outside Protocol Requirements The specimen was drawn during the protocol-defined window, but not in a manner consistent with the protocol. For example, if a participant was supposed to be fasting but was not, this code would apply.
OSW Outside Visit Window The specimen was collected correctly, but outside the window for the visit as specified by the protocol.
PST Processed After Specified Time The specimen was collected and processed into aliquots, but the processing was done after the time frame specified by the protocol. This is commonly applicable for PBMC and pharmacology specimens.