Quantitative conditions

These condition codes refer to the volume of specimen collected.

Table 1. Quantitative conditions
Code Description Usage
DFB Difficult bleed There was problems trying to obtain a blood specimen from the participant, typically resulting in a lower volume than was expected. This code is more specific than SHV, which does not indicate why the volume was low.
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient There was not enough specimen available to create the aliquot. For example, if specimen collected from the participant was supposed to be 10 mL but only 5 mL was collected, the aliquots that could not be created due to the low volume would be considered QNS. QNS means there is no volume at all for the aliquot, even though there was some volume for the primary.
SHV Short Volume The primary or aliquot specimen has at least some volume, but not the full expected volume.
SNC Sample Not Collected The primary specimen was not collected from the participant at all. This might happen if the participant declined to provide a specific sample.