Entering Reagent Information

In LDMS, reagents are not specimens nor are they directly associated with specimens. Instead, you can define a reagent used at your laboratory, and the dates that it was used. You can compare this information to the date a specimen was entered into LDMS to determine if that reagent was being used at that time.

Adding a reagent into LDMS

  1. Click Administration > Reagent Logging from the LDMS menu.

  2. Complete the fields at the bottom of the screen as applicable for your reagent.

  3. Enter the date that use of the reagent began into the start date field.


    The start date can be a future date, allowing you to enter planned reagent use in advance.

  4. (If applicable) Enter the date that the reagent was discontinued at your laboratory into the End Date field.

  5. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

After a reagent has been entered, you can modify by selecting it from the list of reagents, changing the desired fields at the bottom of the screen, and clicking the button from the LDMS toolbar.