Adding Bulk VQA Records

The VQA Bulk Plate Add feature can be used to create numerous specimens at once for VQA panel testing. These specimens can later be added to a shipping file for distribution to individual testing laboratories.

Figure: The Bulk VQA Plate Add Tool. The VQA Bulk Plate Add feature allows many specimens to be added using a small sub-set of LDMS's specimen entry features.

Using the Bulk VQA Plate Add tool

  1. Open LDMS Specimen Management by clicking the button from the LDMS toolbar.

  2. Click the button from the top of the primary grid.

  3. Enter the panel information into the top of the screen.


    The Panel consists of the assay category, panel number, and panel sub-type only, not the full PanelID. The specimen number refers to the VQA specimen number for the panel, not the specimen ID.

  4. Enter the Primary Type, Additive, Derivative, and Sub Add/Der for the aliquots to be added.

  5. Enter the volume for each aliquot into the Vol field and select the desired [volume] units.

  6. Select the desired test(s) to be assigned to each aliquot. Multiple tests can be selected and assigned.

  7. Click the button. Aliquots will be added below for each specimen within the starting specimen number and ending specimen number range that you specified.

  8. If needed, repeat the above steps to add more aliquots to the list of specimens to be added.

  9. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

When you are finished, click the button from the LDMS toolbar to return to LDMS Specimen Management. You can see the specimens you just added by using the database navigation buttons from the LDMS toolbar.