Adding Levels and Containers to a Freezer

Levels can be added to and removed from freezers on the Main View tab. There are a few restrictions to how they can be added.

  • Every freezer must have at least one level. Containers must be added to levels; they cannot be added directly to freezers.

  • You cannot add more than one sub-level within a freezer.

  • Levels that were not defined as part of your freezer configuration cannot be directly added to a freezer (any level configuration, however, can be added as a sub-level).

Adding levels and containers to a freezer

  1. Select the freezer or level that will hold the new level or container.

  2. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

  3. You will be prompted to select the type of item you want to add. Select LEVEL or CONTAINER as appropriate.

  4. Choose the container or level that you want to add.

  5. (For containers only) Enter the number of containers that you want to add to the selected level. If you need to cancel at this point, enter 0.

Just as with freezers, you can remove levels and containers by selecting them, and then clicking the button from the LDMS toolbar. The level or container cannot contain any specimens when removing it.