Shipping a Storage Unit

LDMS allows users to ship entire units. This is often easier and faster to do than selecting individual specimens to ship. Specimens can be added to a shipping container within a freezer, and then the container, level, or freezer itself can be shipped.

Shipping storage units is a two step process. First, you need to mark the storage unit for shipment, then you need to actually add it to a shipment in LDMS Shipping . Unlike shipping individual specimens, you must mark the storage unit for shipment, otherwise it will not appear in LDMS Shipping as available to ship.

Marking a storage unit for shipment

  1. Select the storage unit that you want to ship from the Storage Structure list.

  2. Click the button.

  3. Click the button.

A storage unit cannot be marked to ship if any specimens or storage units in it have been shipped (which is indicated by a icon next to it) or added to a shipping batch (indicated by a icon).


While you are permitted to ship a container without any restrictions, you will be prompted to contact LDMS User Support for a challenge password if you want to ship a level of freezer. This is because shipment of such a large storage unit generally requires coordination with group leadership and multiple laboratories.

The same process is used to un-mark the storage unit for shipment. If a storage unit has been added to a shipping batch in LDMS shipping , it must be removed from the batch before it can be un-marked in LDMS Storage .