Recovering from an Unexpected Shutdown

While every effort has been made to test LDMS in a variety of working conditions, it is possible that there may be unexpected behavior in the program that could cause a problem for your laboratory. It is also possible that an issue unrelated to LDMS may affect how LDMS runs. For example, an unreliable Internet connection may cause a problem with how LDMS exports data to Frontier Science. Likewise a power failure at your laboratory during a critical moment could cause an issue with your laboratory’s database.

If LDMS shuts down unexpectedly, you will see the window shown below. Please provide a detailed description of how you were using LDMS at the time that it shut down unexpectedly. For example if LDMS shutdown when you were trying to save a change to an existing specimen, providing that information can better help LDMS User Support diagnose the issue. The more details that you can provide about what you were doing, the more likely it will be that Frontier Science will be able to permanently fix the issue.

Figure: System Shutdown Dialog Window. The dialog window that appears if LDMS shuts down unexpectedly. Provide as many details as you can in the space provided.

If LDMS does shutdown unexpectedly, it will lock. The next time you attempt to start LDMS, you will be provided with the details of the shutdown and prompted to contact LDMS User Support to obtain a challenge password. Copy and paste the details of the shutdown and provide them to LDMS User Support. LDMS User Support needs the details of the shutdown before they can provide you with a password to unlock LDMS.


Never close LDMS by terminating it using the Windows Task Manager (typically accessed by pressing Ctrl Alt Delete ). Doing so could cause damage to your LDMS database. If LDMS becomes unresponsive, contact LDMS User Support for assistance instead of trying to close it on your own.

If you have LDMS installed in a network and one of the client machines shuts down unexpectedly, all LDMS computers on the network will be locked as well. The unlocking process only needs to be completed on one computer to unlock all of the LDMS machines on the network.