Pharmacology Control Charting

PK control charting is a feature in LDMS that allows you to evaluate your laboratory's control performance over a specified time, and generate a variety of reports. To access PK control charting reports in LDMS, select QA/QC > PK Control Charting from the LDMS menu bar.

  1. From the PK Analytes, Lot Type, and Lot #, select the applicable analyte, lot type, and lot number.

  2. To limit to runs within a specific date, use the Run Date From and To boxes.

  3. Click Search.

  4. Under Rounds found, select the runs that you want to appear on the report, and then click the below the list to move it to Runs selected.

  5. In the Reports list, select the report that you want to generate.

  6. Click Generate.