Pharmacology QC and Calibration Lot Entry

PK control and calibration lots can be entered into LDMS. This allows you to use lots when entering PK assay results in LDMS.


  1. On the QA/QC menu, select PK QA Lot Entry or PK Calibrator Lot Entry.
  2. Enter the following information for your lot.
    • Lot #
    • Creation date
    • Expiration date
    • Storage temperature (in Celsius)
    • Derivative or matrix type
  3. For each control or calibration standard you want to add, do the following.
    1. Next to the Controls or Calibration Standards box, click Add.
    2. Select the control or calibration standard from the Control or Calibrator column.
    3. Optional: Enter a Custom Name.
  4. For each analyte for this lot, do the following.
    1. Next to the Analytes box, click Add.
    2. Select an analyte from the Analyte column.
    3. In the Target and Unit columns, select the appropriate target values for the analyte.
  5. On the toolbar, click the Add button.

What to do next

Once the lot has been successfully added, you can modify it by selecting it from the Saved Lots list, making your changes, and then clicking the Save button from the LDMS tool bar. Once a lot has been used, it can no longer be modified. If you want to discontinue a lot so that it can no longer be selected when entering PK results in LDMS, select the Deactivate option for the lot.