Setting up VQA Kits

The following table show the VQA controls in LDMS and the applicable assays for those controls.

VQA RNA Control Applicable Assay
Abbott VQA Controls Abbott Realtime HIV-1
COBAS TaqMan VQA Controls COBAS TaqMan HIV-1
COBAS UltraSensitive VQA Controls Roche COBAS UltraSensitive HIV-1
Standard VQA Nuclisens Controls Nuclisens
Standard VQA RNA Controls Roche Amplicor Monitor HIV RT PCR
UltraSensitive VQA RNA Controls Roche UltraSensitive HIV RT PCR Assay

Figure: VQA Control Login Screen. Creating a new VQA control. This image shows the creation of a VQA200 control.

Creating a new VQA Kit:

  1. Access the VQA Control Entry tool by clicking QA/QC > VQA Control Login from the LDMS menu bar.

  2. Select the desired control from the VQA RNA Control list.

  3. Enter the VQA lot number into the Lot Number field.

  4. Enter the expected value for the control into the Expected value field at the bottom of the screen, and then click the button.

  5. Complete the minimum value and maximum value fields.

  6. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

VQA controls can be modified by selected the desired VQA RNA Control and Lot Number, making any changes, and then clicking the button from the LDMS toolbar.