Virology Control Charting

Control charting is a feature in LDMS that allows you to evaluate your laboratory's control performance over a specified time for virology assays. This tool generates Levey-Jennings charts. To access control charting in LDMS, select QA/QC > Control Charting from the LDMS menu bar.

Creating a Levey-Jennings chart in LDMS

  1. Select the virology assay with the control you want to chart from the Assay drop-down list.

  2. Select the date range within which you want to view controls in the Date From and Date To fields.

  3. Select the control that you want to chart from the Control Name list.

  4. Select the desired kit and control lots from the Kit Lot Number and Control Lot fields.


    If the Kit Lot Number and Control Lot fields are disabled, no controls were found within the date range specified. Try broadening your date scope.

  5. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

  6. Select desired control from the Search Results listing, and then click the button below the list. This will move the control to the Selected Controls list.

  7. Select one or more controls from the Selected Controls list. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple control.

  8. Click the button.

Up to seven distinct control lots can be displayed on the Levey-Jennings chart generated by LDMS. If multiple controls were selected, the chart will display both controls on the same chart. Use the key to the right to distinguish each control.

Figure: Control Charting Report. A Levey-Jennings Report generated by the control charting tool in LDMS, showing data for two controls.