Running Culture Harvests on a p24 Antigen Assay

When you setup a culture, you were required to select the p24 Antigen assay to be run. After you have one or more harvests from the culture, you can begin running that p24 assay. You don't have to have all of the harvests for the culture when you run the assay (and you can put harvests from different cultures onto the same assay plate when you run it).

  1. Select the appropriate assay from the Assays list on the Assay Selection tab.

  2. Select the New Run/Not Setup option, and then click the button.

  3. Find the culture harvest that you want to test by clicking the button from the LDMS toolbar or by using search criteria.

  4. All of the culture harvests that are from cultures assigned to the selected assay will appear in the Specimens Found list.


    You can differentiate harvests by looking at the Culture Day field. If you do not see all of the harvests that you were expecting, review the Harvest/Feed Report. Harvests are only created after the required number of days have passed, per the schedule used.

  5. Select the harvest that you will be testing, and then click the button.

  6. Configure the assay plate(s), wells, and controls like you would configure virology assays.

  7. Click the button to read the assay output.