Creating Culture Schedules

Culture schedules define the feeding and harvesting timeline for the culture(s) you are creating. You can create several schedules and reuse them many times. LDMS also comes preconfigured with a few standard schedules.

Figure: The culture schedule design screen. The schedule design screen replaces the assay design screen for cultures. The actual schedule appears in the Culture Schedule list on the right.

Creating culture schedules

  1. On the Assay Selection tab, select the appropriate culture for which you want to create a schedule from the Assay list on the left side.

  2. Select the Design check box.

  3. Click the button to enter design mode. This will automatically take you to the Design tab.

  4. To load a previously saved schedule and edit it, find it from the drop-down list on the bottom, and then click the button.

  5. Select the Day the event will occur and Culture Event to add.


    The day that the culture is created is considered day 0.

  6. Click the -> button to add the event to the schedule

  7. After all events have been added, enter a name for your schedule into the Assay Name text field.

  8. Click the button. Do not use the from the LDMS toolbar.