Apoptosis by P.I. Assay

The first specimen that was selected on the Assay Selection tab will appear in the Specimen Info box at the top of the Results tab screen. You can use the database navigation buttons to switch between specimens that were selected on the Assay Selection tab.

Figure: Apoptosis assay screen. Apoptosis assay data entry screen.

Entering Apoptosis results into LDMS

  1. Select whether or not results for the specimen were obtained from the Were results obtained on this specimen radio button.

  2. Select the date that the Apoptosis assay was setup in the Enter the assay setup date box.

  3. Enter the time that it took to complete the assay (in hours) in the Enter the assay duration box.

  4. Enter the apoptosis percentage for Replicant A and Replicant B.

    • The Mean of replicates will be calculated automatically

    • If there are no results for that replicant, select the check box next to it, then select the appropriate censor from the Censor drop-down.

  5. Enter the initials of the assay technician into the Assay Tech field

  6. Enter your initials into the Data entered by field.

  7. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

To view the LPA Patient Report after entering data for the specimens tested, click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

After you've finished with the first specimen, click the button from the LDMS tool bar and enter the results for the next specimen. Once all specimens have been entered and added, the data entry is complete. You can now return to the Assay Selection tab to perform more work.