The first specimen that was selected on the Assay Selection tab will appear in the Specimen Info box at the top of the Results tab screen. You can use the database navigation buttons to switch between specimens that were selected on the Assay Selection tab.

Figure: The Cryopreservation assay screen. Cryopreservation assay data entry screen.

  1. Indicate whether or not Were Results obtained on this specimen. If No, select the appropriate option from the Specify reason list.

  2. Complete the remaining fields.

    • Enter the initials for the person who ran the assay into the Assay Tech field and the initials of the person entering the results into LDMS into the Data Entered by field.

    • To enable manual entry into the Total viable cell count per visit field, change the Method for obtaining cell count to manual.

  3. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

To view the IQA Cryopreservation Patient Report after entering data for the specimens tested, click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

After you've finished with the first specimen, click the button from the LDMS tool bar and enter the results for the next specimen. Once all specimens have been entered and added, the data entry is complete. You can now return to the Assay Selection tab to perform more work.