Applying user censors to PK runs

User censor censors may be manually applied to individual specimens, analytes, or entire PK assay runs.

Before you begin

Set up the PK assay run, enter results, and calculate system censors.


  1. (If SpreadSheet View is open) With the assay run open in the Results tab, click Traditional View.
  2. Right click the result to be censored and select Assign User Censor.
  3. In the PK User Censor Codes list, select the needed censor.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the scope to apply the censor.
  6. Optional: If the specimen should be available to be added to future runs, select Make censored specimen(s) available to place on a new run.
  7. Click OK.


The user censor will be applied as you specified. If you want to quickly see all censors applied to the run, switch back to SpreadSheet View. System censors will appear in parenthesis. For example, if a specimen has the censors ā€œ(B)Pā€ applied, B is a system censor and P is a user censor.