Entering PK assay results

LDMS cannot read results from PK assays or result files. To store PK results in LDMS, you must copy the results from a spreadsheet generated by your assay (preferred) or enter the results manually.

Before you begin

  • Create the necessary PK assay templates (one template per combination of analytes to be tested).
  • Create a new assay run using the appropriate PK assay template.
  • If calibration standards or quality controls are needed, these must already have been created.


  1. On the Preview tab, select the Detection Platform and Run Type.
  2. (If needed) Add calibration standards or quality controls by clicking Add Calibration Standards or Add Quality Controls.
    You will be prompted to select the lot and quantity to be added.
  3. Move lots and specimens to the correct position using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
  4. Click Run Now.
    Tip: If you want to save this run and enter results later, click Run Later instead.
    You will be taken to the Results tab.
  5. At the top of the Results tab, select the Assay Date and enter the Tech Initials.
  6. For each specimen and lot, enter its results.
    • To enter results by hand for each specimen by selecting each specimen and entering the results below it, use Traditional View (this is the default method).
    • To copy and paste results from a spreadsheet, use SpreadSheet View.
    • If a result was not obtained, right-click it and select No Result Obtained.
  7. After all results have been entered, click Calculate.
  8. After any censor and changes have been applied, save the results by clicking Database > Save.


LDMS will accept the results entered and apply any system censors, if applicable.

What to do next

  • (If needed) Assign user censors.
  • Generate the PK Assay Result Report by clicking the Generate Report button in the LDMS toolbar.
  • Click Result Options to view a key of censors, display acceptability details for controls, or modify results (returns the run back to its “run not performed” state).
  • Review and accept the assay results.