Creating PK assay templates

Pharmacology results are stored in LDMS by using the template-based PK assay feature.

About this task

A template defines the drugs to be tested and lower and upper limits. You must create a new template for every unique drug combination that you will be testing. You can create a new template from scratch or using an existing template.


  1. From the LDMS menu bar, click Tasks > Assays.
  2. In the Assays box in the upper-left corner, expand PK Assays and do one of the following:
    • To create a new template without using an existing template, select PK Assay.
    • To create a new template based on an existing template, select that template.

    Select PK template
  3. In the Assay Selection Criteria section, select Design.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Select Assay.
    If you selected an existing template, you will be asked if you want to create a new template or modify the existing template. To create a new template, click Create.
    You will be taken to the Design tab.
  5. In the Assay Name box, enter the name of the template as you want it to appear on the Assay Selection tab.
  6. In the Number of Drugs box, enter the number of drugs to be tested using the template.
    Note: You must press the Tab key after entering the number of drugs to refresh the screen.

    PK template design
    The list of drugs will show one row per drug.
  7. For each drug, select the Drug, Units, Lower Limit, and Upper Limit.
    Tip: If you are unsure what a drug abbreviation means, select it and press Ctrl + H.
  8. Click Database > Add.