Creating a Reader Configuration

Before you can use a reader device, you must tell LDMS how you have it setup. This is done on an individual instrument basis. You can either configure LDMS to read output from the device directly, or you can utilize LDMS Remote Reader to read the assay output on a different computer and then manually transfer the output to the computer with LDMS.

Figure: Instrument configuration in LDMS. The configuration screen for the Coulter MR5000. The Read Device Data From Disk option indicates that LDMS Remote Reader will be used.

Creating or modifying a reader configuration

  1. Click Administration > Instrument Setup > Device Name from the LDMS menu bar.

  2. Type a name for your configuration into the Configuration Name box or select an existing configuration from the Configuration Name box to edit.

  3. Change the Read Device Data From Disk option as follows:

    • If you want LDMS to read assay output directly from the device (i.e. it is connected to the same computer as LDMS), select No.

    • If you want to utilize LDMS Remote Reader, select Yes. You will need to configure LDMS Remote Reader to read from the device.

  4. (For direct read only) Complete the appropriate Communication Port Settings and Reader Configuration settings for your setup.

  5. Click the button.

Once you have created a configuration for a device, that configuration can be selected when associating the hardware with an assay.