Opening a saved, incomplete run

Runs that have been created but not completed can be saved and re-opened later.

About this task

In most assays, this is done by clicking the Save button from the LDMS toolbar or clicking Run Later from the assay-specific setup screen. This may be done, for example to set up the run in LDMS in advance of testing results becoming available.


  1. From the LDMS menu bar, click Tasks > Assays.
  2. In the Assays box in the upper-left corner, select the assay or template to be set up.
  3. In the Assay Selection Criteria section, select Runs Not Performed/Not Terminated.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Search.
  5. In the Previous Runs Found list, click the run to be opened.
  6. In the upper-right corner, click Select Assay.