Controls with OD Ratio Failure

If a control in the assay results receives the system-assigned censor code D (OD Ratio Failure), the control can be re-detected to validate your assay results. To do this, you must run the control on another assay run where the control was detected correctly and is valid. You will need the following information from this valid run:

  • The LDMS runid

  • Control name

  • Plate number that the control appeared on

  • Position (column) on the plate (e.g. 1 for the first column, 2 for the second, etc.)

Updating a run with an invalid control due to OD ratio failure:

  1. Open the completed run in LDMS Assays .

  2. Right-click on any specimen and select Censor Run.

  3. Select the censor code C (control re-run and valid - assay is valid) and click the OK button.

  4. Enter the runid, control name, plate number, and position on the plate (column) from the valid run into the appropriate fields.

If you look at your results now, you will see that the D or DF system censor is still applied, but the run is now valid and the user censor code C (corrected) has been added. The Re-detect Runid field will have the run ID for the run with the validated control.