Specimen Thaw Count

All specimens in LDMS have a thaw count property. This property is set to 0 by default when a specimen is created. The thaw count represents the number of times that a specimen has been removed from storage and warmed. There are two places in LDMS where this information is displayed:

  • In the Specimen Management task , thaws are displayed in the Aliquot Details Window for all aliquots.

  • In the Storage Management task , thaws are displayed by selecting a specimen in the storage view and clicking the Details button.

Since specimens generally need to be thawed when they are removed from storage for testing, LDMS will automatically ask if you would like to increment the thaw count for a specimen when you add it to a new assay run. This will only happen, however, if you are adding the specimen by scanning it with a barcode reader. If you are searching for the specimens to test and adding them manually, LDMS will not ask if you want to increment the thaw count (you can still do so using Specimen Management or Storage Management).